Contractor Tips

I talk a lot about the value of strong leadership, and I credit the success of our companies to the leaders we have in place. But what exactly does it mean to be a leader?
Wise judgment and effective decision-making are essential skills to leadership at all levels. Yet, I am always surprised when I encounter a leader who, when faced with a decision, either cannot commit, agonizes over choices, or is stuck in an endless cycle of over-researching and seeking input from everyone.
What are you focusing on right now? Are those thoughts of rags or riches? Step back and evaluate if those thoughts are detrimental or beneficial to the life you want.
I recently encountered a contractor whom I estimate had to do $4 million worth of work to recover from a $160,000 pricing mistake. Ouch!
"Everything affects everything.” At first, that may sound like something Yogi Berra would have said. But these were actually wise words I heard from a contractor friend.
Some of the biggest battles in people’s lives cannot be seen because they are happening in their minds.
Golf legend Bobby Jones once said, “Golf is played on a 5-inch course – the distance between your ears,” and, “Golf is the closest game to the game of life.” You could say the same thing about business.