Matching Personality Traits with Job Responsibilities

Hiring can be a tedious task. For years, companies looking for the ideal candidates poured over resumes, narrowed them to a few, brought some in for interviews, and crossed their fingers that they selected the right person. Some companies branched out and handed the responsibility off to headhunters to reduce the burden. While that lightened the load, making the final decision still fell on the company. But now, times have changed.

Is it Time to Pull the Plug?

One of the most difficult decisions for a business owner to make is when to call it quits. Last month I wrote about the financial challenges at a couple of my companies. Using the example of how I pumped water from my grandfather’s old hand-powered water pump, I explained how we must push through difficult times because we know that once we overcome these obstacles, things will get better. But will they always?

Never Give Up 

I had a brutal day at the office today. This got me thinking about some important lessons I learned as a kid.

Promotions are Made from the Bottom Up

When you hear the CEO of a company tell an employee, “I do not have the power to promote you,” you might smirk and wonder why a leader would make such a ludicrous statement.

Leadership…an Action, not a Title

I talk a lot about the value of strong leadership, and I credit the success of our companies to the leaders we have in place. But what exactly does it mean to be a leader?

Hesitation Will Get You Killed!

Wise judgment and effective decision-making are essential skills to leadership at all levels. Yet, I am always surprised when I encounter a leader who, when faced with a decision, either cannot commit, agonizes over choices, or is stuck in an endless cycle of over-researching and seeking input from everyone.

Are You Focusing on Rags or Riches?

What are you focusing on right now? Are those thoughts of rags or riches? Step back and evaluate if those thoughts are detrimental or beneficial to the life you want.

Cause and Effect of Business Results

“Everything affects everything.” At first, that may sound like something Yogi Berra would have said. But these were actually wise words I heard from a contractor friend.